and Consulting

Coaching is the process of clarifying desires and needs, removing barriers and attaining goals. My systemic coaching provides process expertise, rather than content knowledge, to create healthy and resilient individuals and organisations.

Coaching and process consulting provides structure, support and feedback for the period of time needed.

After clarifying the contract deliberately I start with a detailed analysis. Therefore I ask for concrete situations, histories of problems, attempts for solutions and other point of views to be considered in order to understand. A feedback session afterwards is useful to reconcile different perspectives and decide how to proceed.

I work with clients´ resources and strengths and focus on solution very quickly.

Interventions that I have accomplished already which led to success when conducted for specific clients´contexts:

  • developing competencies in a hands-on training
  • clarifying the situation and vision using visualisation and creative techniques
  • exploring the costs and benefits to make a maybe challenging change
  • evaluating the resources and supporting the client to decide responsibly and flexibly
  • discussing a step-by-step plan to proceed in your career and take opportunities
  • understanding reactions and behaviour more deeply when implementing psychological theory

My goal is to make myself unnecessary and to take my leave when the client again is able to identify and acquire resources by themself again.