since 1999....

… experiential learning and personal development in the workplace fascinates me. In my training sessions I focus on inductive learning in deliberate group tasks and management games; because it is known that performance improvement needs a repeated process of preparation, action and review.

Vera Krick was engaged on a skilled and intellectually authoritative level. Results of evaluation had been excellent. We fully recommend Ms Krick!

I design and conduct training sessions with case studies, group tasks, role playing with or without video feedback, management games, outdoor training and film sequences as role models for negotiation.

Management games simulate real-life issues faced in the workplace. Trainees experience their way of dealing with challenges in a whole learning cycle of planning, dealing and reflecting. Naturally we reflect results as well as the cooperation that led to them: What worked well in your approach? What did not? what did you learn? Everyone benefits from a supportive learning atmosphere and shared work experiences in the training group.

My favourite training focuses are:

  • leadership in projects/ without power to direct
  • negotiation and conversation techniques
  • self management
  • team building
  • training the trainer

If necessary I integrate group coaching to deal with counteraction and hidden obstacles in training sessions. I ask the person concerned if we can use the situation e.g. to reflect on opposition in negotiations or teams. And of course I give advice regarding each attendee’s difficulties when transferring what they learned and experienced in the workplace.